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“Alan Wake II” Review


It’s always risky when the hero of a video game series hands the reigns to someone else. For every time it’s worked (Marvel’s Spider-Man 2), there are just as many when it didn’t (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty).

Thankfully, the third-person survival horror game Alan Wake II (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/SPC.) falls squarely in the former category by being just as much fun when Mr. Wake is missing as it is when he’s around.

PC PlayStation 5 Video Games Xbox Series S Xbox Series X

Summer Game Fest 2023 Hands-Off Preview: “Alan Wake II”


Two weeks after unveiling an impressive new trailer for their upcoming third-person survival horror shooter Alan Wake II, the fine folk from Remedy Games gave journalists a deeper look at this scary shooter behind closed doors at this year’s Summer Game Fest, which was held June 9th and 10th at Los Angeles’ City Market Social House. And while we didn’t get to take the game for a test drive, the live demo did make this attendee even more excited for this scary game, which will be released October 17th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.