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Pre-Sale for Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke Statue Announced

Threezero have announced that the pre-sale for their Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue — which has him wearing the snow suit he wore in that game — will begin July 17th at 9:00PM (ET) and 6:00PM (PT).

Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue reg


The statue is 1/6th scale, fully-articulated, and comes with Clarke’s 211-V Plasma Cutter and Aug_Shotgun, as well as multiple hands you can swap out that include a pair of fists, ones for the aforementioned guns, and two that are relaxed. Because when you’re on a frozen planet full of space zombies and crazy cultists, you do a lot of relaxing.

Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue extras


The Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue also features fabric clothing, as well as working LEDs for his visor and RIG.

Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue lights

The Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke statue will be available for $190.00. And while it will be available later from select retails, if you pre-order through Threezero’s online store, you’ll receive a bonus head that you can swap out for the one it comes with, which is of Isaac’s snow helmet.

For more on this or any of their statues, visit Threezero’s website.


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