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New Funko X-Files POP! Action Figures & Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Heads Announced

Funko have announced that they will release new POP! action figures and Wacky Wobbler bobble-heads of characters from The X-Files in April and February, respectfully.

For the POP! figures, this line will include Fox Mulder (#183)…

Funko X-Files 183 Fox Mulder


…Dana Scully (#184)…

Funko X-Files 184 Dana Scully


…The Cigarette Smoking Man (#185)…

Funko X-Files 185 The Cigarette Smoking Man


…and an Alien (#186).

Funko X-Files 186 Alien


As for the Wacky Wobblers, there will be two of those: Fox Mulder…

Funko X-Files Wacky Wobbler Fox Mulder


…and Dana Scully.

Funko X-Files Wacky Wobbler Dana Scully


Though not available for pre-order yet, the POP! figures should be around $10.00, while the Wacky Wobblers will be about $15.00. Prices may vary, your mileage may differ.

For more info on these and their other collectibles, visit Funko’s website.


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