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MOVIE NEWS: Extended Director’s Cut Of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed Announced

Shout! Factory and Morgan Creek Productions have announced that an extended director’s cut of Clive Barker’s 1990 fantasy horror movie Nightbreed will be released next year on both physical and digital formats through Shout!’s imprint Scream Factory.


The movie was written and directed by Barker, who based it on his 1988 novella, Cabal. But Barker was never happy with the final result, and has been trying to get his director’s cut, dubbed The Cabal Cut, released for years. That version, which clocks in at 155 minutes (the original was a leaner 102) was shown last year at an event in North Carolina called “The Mad Monster Party.”

In the announcement, Barker is quoted as saying, “I had a dream about the tribes of the moon. They would live in a city called Midian and, though they were monsters of every shape and size, they would be the heroes of a movie called Nightbreed.  However, when I made the movie, the studio was not comfortable with this inversion of the classic structure. They wanted the monsters to be simple-minded scare machines, while I wanted them to be the dark side of all of us, mysterious and misunderstood.  Finally, with this new version of Nightbreed, which contains over forty five minutes of previously unseen material, my original vision has been realized. Come with me to Midian, the city of monsters. The tribes of the moon await us.”

While no extras, pricing, or even formats have been announced, the press release did say “Shout!’s Scream Factory plans an aggressive rollout of the Nightbreed extended director’s cut  through physical home entertainment releases and a variety of digital entertainment distribution platforms sometimes next year.”

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