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Kotobukiya Announces DC Universe Lil Gotham Mini Figures

Kotobukiya have announced that they will release a series of monochromatic mini figures based on DC Comics’ Batman: Lil Gotham books.

Included in this collection are Batman and Robin (who come separately)…

Kotobukiya Lil Gotham Batman And Robin:Dropbox



Kotobukiya Lil Gotham Catwoman


…Harley Quinn…

Kotobukiya Lil Gotham Harley Quinn


…The Joker…

Kotobukiya Lil Gotham joker



Kotobukiya Lil Gotham Nightwing


…and Poison Ivy.

Kotobukiya Lil Gotham Poison Ivy


All of these toys are 2-inches tall or shorter, made of soft PVC, and come in seven different colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and a very light pink (see Catwoman above).

Though because they come in bags that are sealed and opaque, you won’t know which figure you’ve bought, or what color they are, until you open the bag. Though on the plus side, each bag has two figures each.

No pricing or release date was announced.

For more information on these or any of their toys and collectibles, visit Kotobukiya’s website.


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