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Insert Coin Announce Saints Row Shirts

Insert Coin Clothing have announced that they’ll release a trio of Saints Row t-shirts this Spring.

Included in this collection are two versions of a Planet Saints shirt, one with sleeves, and one without…

Insert Coint Saints Row Planet Saints


…as well as a baseball-style jersey for Nyte Blayde.

Insert Coint Saints Row Nyte Blayde


The former helps promote one of the stores you visit in Saints Row The Third (later known as Planet Zin in Saints Row IV), while the later is in honor of the Blade-like vampire-turned-vampire-hunter from both Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV.

All of the shirts are expected to retail for £22.00 — which is $32.50 for those of us living in the colonies — plus shipping and handling.

These new shirts aren’t the first Saint Row merchandise Insert Coin have made. They previously released a “Saints Flow” t-shirt, a “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax” t-shirt, a “Steelpoint Saints” hoodie, Genki leggings, a “3rd Street Saints” jacket, and a “Gat” polo-style shirt.

For more on these items or any of their video game-related clothes, visit Insert Coin’s website.


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