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Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Announced

NECA have announced that they will release a Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet in 2015. A real one. No fooling’.

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet 01 dropbox

Details are rather limited at this point — in fact, NECA only have an unpainted prototype at this time, as you can see above — but the company does say that the helmet is “D.O.T. approved,” as in Department of Transportation.

What’s interesting is that seven years ago, when Halo 3 came out, there was a special edition that came with a replica of Master Chief’s helmet. But because of insurance issues and the possibility of lawsuits, especially by people who could’ve used the plastic helmet as a real motorcycle helmet, Microsoft made the Halo 3 toy helmet too small for anyone to wear, even filling in part of the inside so that only a cat with the tiniest of heads could even get it on.

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet 02 main

But that, apparently, won’t be the problem with the NECA one. Which is why the company says of theirs, “Whether you’re on a Honda dirt bike, a custom Harley, or a vintage Vespa, the Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet will offer the full-face protection preferred by Master Chief (and savvy bikers everywhere).”

“A.I. not included.”

They’ve also released a video of the Halo Master Chief Helmet, albeit one that just shows it spinning around and around and around…

Coincidentally, Halo 5: Guardians will also be released in 2015. Funny how that works.



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