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Funko Announces The Flash POP! And ReAction Figures

Funko have announced that they will release both POP! and ReAction figures of characters from the TV show The Flash this May.

Included in the POP! series are The Flash (#213)…

Funko Pop 213 The Flash


Reverse Flash (#214)…

Funko Pop 215 Reverse Flash


…and Captain Cold (#216).

Funko Pop 216 Captain Cold


All three figures are 3.75-inches tall, and are currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon; just click on their names above.

These toys join Funko’s previously release Flash POP! figures, which have included a DC Universe version of The Flash, a New 52 Flash, a Blue Lantern Flash, and a Black Lantern Reverse Flash.

As for the ReAction figures, that series will also include The Flash…

Funko ReAction The Flash


…Reverse Flash…

Funko ReAction Reverse Flash


…and Captain Cold.

Funko ReAction Captain Cold


Those figures are also 3.75-inches tall, but they have multiple points of articulation, and come with removable accessories.

However, they are not currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon…yet.

For more info on these or their other POP! or ReAction figures, visit Funko’s website.


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