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Funko Announces Suicide Squad Toys

Funko have announced that they will release a series of POP!, Mopeez, Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Vinyl Idolz, and Vinyl Vixen toys, along with POP! keychains, for the characters from the movie Suicde Squad this July, August, and hey what do you know, this very moment.

First up are the just released POP! toys, which include The Joker (#98)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 96 The Joker


Harley Quinn (#97)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 97 Harley Quinn


Deadshot (#98)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 98 Deadshot


…a masked version of Deadshot (#106)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 106 Deadshot (masked)


Rick Flag (#99)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 99 Rick Flag


Katana (#100)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 100 Katana


Boomerang (#101)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 101 Boomerang


Killer Croc (#102)…

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 102 Killer Croc


…and Diablo (#103)

Funko POP! Suicide Squad 103 Diablo


The POP! toys will be followed in July by Dorbz of The Joker (#162)…

Funko Dorbz Suicide Squad 162 The Joker


Harley Quinn (#163)…

Funko Dorbz Suicide Squad 163 Harley Quinn


Deadshot (#164)…

Funko Dorbz Suicide Squad 164 Deadshot


…and Enchantress (#165).

Funko Dorbz Suicide Squad 165 Enchantress


July also brings a line of Suicide Squad Mopeez, which will include The Joker…

Funko Mopeez Suicide Squad The Joker


…Harley Quinn…

Funko Mopeez Suicide Squad Harley Quinn



Funko Mopeez Suicide Squad Deadshot


…Killer Croc…

Funko Mopeez Suicide Squad Killer Croc


…and Katana.

Funko Mopeez Suicide Squad Katana


Last for July is a Vinyl Idolz figure of The Joker, which will be $24.99.

Funko Vinyl Idolz Suicide Squad 43 The Joker


Then, in August, Funko will release a Vinyl Vixen of Harley Quinn

Funko Vinyl Vixens Suicide Squad Harley Quinn


…POP! Keychains for Harley Quinn

Funko POP! keychain Suicide Squad Harley Quinn


…and The Joker

Funko POP! keychain Suicide Squad The Joker


…and Mystery Minis of the whole gang.

Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis


You can also get eight of the nine POP! toys for $165.50 by clicking here (for some unknown reason, the regular Deadshot isn’t included), a set of all four Dorbz for $69.99 by clicking here, and the two keychains for $18.99 by clicking here.

For more on these or any of their toys, visit Funko’s website.



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