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Funko Announces ReAction Figures Of The Terminator

Funko have announced that they will release ReAction Figures of characters from James Cameron’s classic 1984 sci-fi movie The Terminator this August.

Included in the series are the T800 Terminator

Funko The Terminator T800


…a regular version of the T800 Terminator in his Endoskeleton form…

Funko The Terminator regular Endoskeleton


…a shiny version of the T800 Endoskeleton, y’know, for when he has a date and wants to look his best….

Funko The Terminator shiny Endoskeleton


Sarah Conner

Funko The Terminator Sarah Conner


…Kyle Reese…


Funko Terminator Kyle Reese


…and The Terminator who, in the future, made his way into the human camp.


Funko The Terminator T800


Designed to be in the style of the old Kenner action figures, all of these figures are 3.75 inches tall, have five points of articulation, and are currently available for pre-ordering from Amazon for $10.99 each (with the exception of the Kyle Reese one for some reason).

For more on these or any of their ReAction Figures, vista Funko’s website.



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