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Funko Announces New DC Comics Mystery Minis

Funko have announced that they will release a new series of DC Comic Mystery Minis action figures in January.

Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis 01

Like the previous DC Comic Mystery Minis, this new batch are all 1.5-inches tall, and come in sealed boxes so you won’t know which one you got until you get to the parking lot and tear the box open like a dog ripping up the cushions of your new couch.

Along with the usual suspects — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and so on — this new series also includes a ’60s TV edition of Batman, a metallic version of Harley Quinn, and White Lantern editions of Batman and Green Lantern, er White Lantern.

Here’s a chart showing the availability of each toy.

Each of these DC Comics Mystery Minis will retail for around $8.99.

For more info on these and other Mystery Minis, visit Funko’s website.


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