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Funko Announce & Release Gears Of War POP! And Mystery Minis Toys

Funko have announced that they’ll be releasing a series of POP! toys and Mystery Minis for characters from the Gears Of War games, including the new Gears Of War 4, and that the toys will be out…NOW!

Included in the POP! series are Marcus Fenix (#112)…



Clayton Carmine (#113)…



J.D. Fenix (#114)…



Kait Diaz (#115)…



Del Walker (#116)…



…and a Locust Drone (#117).



All of the POP! toys are 3.75-inches tall, and can be ordered from Amazon by clicking on their names above. Or, if you prefer, you can get all six for $109.99 by clicking here. Amazon also, oddly, has a version of the Marcus Fenix one that has him holding a gold Lancer and the head of a Locust, even though that one was exclusive to this past summer’s San Diego Comic-Con.



As for the Mystery Minis, they include characters from the entire saga, including General Raam, Cole Train, Kait, and others. They’re also 2.5-inches tall, but come in sealed boxes, so you won’t know if who you got until you get into the parking lot at the comic book store and tear that sucker open.



For more info on these or any of Funko’s toys, visit their website.


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