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Funko Announce Horror Movie Mopeez & Fabrikations Toys

Funko have announced that they will release Mopeez plush toys of famous horror movie characters this September, with one of these films stars also getting his own Fabrikations plush toy.

Included in the series of horror movie Mopeez are Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movies…

Funko Mopeez Horror Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th


…Michael Meyers from the Halloween films…

Funko Mopeez Horror Michael Meyers Halloween


…Freddy Krueger from the A Nightmare On Elm Street series…

Funko Mopeez Horror Freddy Krueger A Nightmare On Elm Street


…Chucky from the Child’s Play movies…

Funko Mopeez Horror Chucky Child's Play


…and Ghost Face from the Scream movies.

Funko Mopeez Horror Ghost Face Scream


All of these toys are 4.5-inches tall, and have weights in their butts so they’ll sit upright.

In addition, Jason Voorhees will also be immortalized as a Fabrikations toy.

Funko Fabrikations 34 Jason Voorhees


This toy also has weights in its feet so it’ll stand up, and will be 6-inches tall.

For more info on these and their other horror movie toys, visit Funko’s website.


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