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Funko Announce Five Nights At Freddys Water Bottles And A Cup

Funko have announced that they’ll release water bottles a cup for the video game Five Nights At Freddys this May.

The water bottles come in two designs: regular

Funko Five Nights At Freddys water bottle


…and Pirate Cove.

Funko Five Nights At Freddys water bottle pirate


Both are 12-inches tall, are acrylic FNAF, will retail for $12.99 each, and can be preordered by clicking their names above.

As for the cup, it will be 8-inches tall, also made of acrylic FNAF, and will come with a top and straw.

Funko Five Nights At Freddys cup


It will retail for $10.99 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here.

All of these items join Funko’s previously announced Five Nights At Freddys toys, pens, keychains, and plushies, which you can read about here.

For more info on these or any of their collectibles, visit Funko’s website.

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