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Funko Announce “Fallout 4” POP! Toys

Funko have announced that they will release a series of Fallout 4 POP! toys this February.

Based on the excellent new game (my review of which you can read here), this series includes a male Vault Dweller (#75)…

Funko Fallout 4 75 Vault Dweller


…his faithful (and optional) companion Dogmeat (#76)…

Funko Fallout 4 76 Dogmeat


…a ghoul named John Hancock (#77)…

Funko Fallout 4 77 John Hancock


…and a set of T-60 Power Armor (#78).

Funko Fallout 4 78 T-60 Power Armor


All four toys will be 3.75-inches tall, and join Funko’s previously available Fallout POP! toys Vault Boy, Male Wanderer, Female Wanderer, Brotherhood Of Steel, a Brotherhood Of Steel figure with his helmet removed, Glowing Vault Boy, Deathclaw, a Glowing One, a Feral Ghoul, and Super Mutant. They’ve also released a series of Mystery Minis.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox OnePlayStation 4, and PC.

For more on these or their other POP! toys, visit Funko’s website.



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