Funko Announce Star Wars, Batman, Deadpool Fabrikations


Funko have announced a new line of plush action figures they’re calling Fabrikations. Because clearly no one at Funko can spell.

These 6-inch tall figures are filled with dense foam, will have heads that rotate, and come with vinyl accessories. They also have weights in them so they can stand upright.

Included in the initial line, which will be out in June, are Batman (#01)…

Funko Fabrikations 01 Batman



…Yoda (#02)…

Funko Fabrikations 02 Yoda




…Boba Fett (#03)…

Funko Fabrikations 03 Boba Fett



…Deadpool (#05)…

Funko Fabrikations 05 Deadpool



…and Harley Quinn (#06).

Funko Fabrikations 06 Harley Quinn


And no, I don’t know why there isn’t a #04.

At the moment, there’s no word as to how much each figure will cost.

For more information on these or their other collectibles, visit their website.



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