FUNimation Announces September, October, and November Blu-rays & DVDs

FUNimation have announced what anime Blu-rays and DVDs they’ll be releasing this September, October, and November. Which brings good news for fans of Ghost In The Shell, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece, among others.

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First up on September 2nd is a Blu-ray/DVD combo packs for the movie Hal ($29.98), a limited edition version of Level E: The Complete Series ($34.98), and Okami-san And Her Seven Companions: Complete Series ($39.98).

These will be followed two weeks later by the Blu-ray of Dragon Ball Z: Season y ($44.98).

Then, on September 23rd, FUNimation will release Blu-ray/DVD combo packs of Attack Of Titan: Part 2 as both regular ($49.98) and limited editions ($89.98).

Closing out September will be a One Piece: Film Z as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack ($34.98) and DVD ($29.98), a Blu-ray/DVD combo packs of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt: Complete Series ($39.98) and Steinsgate: Complete Series ($54.98).

FUNimation then skips a week, kicking off their October releases on the 14th with Blu-ray/DVD combo packs of Black Butler: Season II ($39.98) and A Certain Magical Index II: Season 2, Part 1 ($64.98).

Then, on October 21st, they’re planning to release Blu-ray/DVD combo packs of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate ($34.98) and Ghost In The Shell: Arise: Borders 1 & 2 ($39.98).

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FUNimation will then close out the month with the October 28th release of Dragon Ball: Season 8 on Blu-ray ($44.98), One Piece: Collection 10 on DVD ($34.98), as well as Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of Fairy Tail: Part 12 ($54.98) and Part 13 ($54.98), and Helsing Ultimate: Volumes 9 & 10 ($44.98).

FUNimation will then kick off their November slate on the 4th with the DVD release of Toriko: Collection 2 ($34.98), which will be followed on the 11th by High School DxD New: The Series, which will be available as both regular ($64.98) and limited edition ($69.96) Blu-ray/DVD combo packs.

Finally, November 18th brings another one for One Piece fans, as FUNimation will release One Piece: Season Six, Voyage One and Voyage Two on DVD ($39.98 each). That same day also sees the release of A Certain Magical Index: Complete Season 1 as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack ($49.98), as well as a Super Amazing Value Edition of the B Gata H Kei: Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD combo pack ($19.98).

As always, for more on these and their other releases, visit FUNimation’s website.


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