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Four New Star Wars Pinball Tables Announced

Zen Studios have announced that they will release four new Star Wars pinball tables for their various pinball games. All four will be released digitally for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and OSX.

Included in this series, which they’re calling Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within, are a table for 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars Pinball Episode IV


…a second called Droids!

Star Wars Pinball Droids


…a third, dubbed Masters Of The Force (for which Zen didn’t send out any pictures), and a fourth for that scruffy-looking Nerf herder, Han Solo.

Star Wars Pinball Han Solo 1


Zen also issued a trailer for the Han Solo table, which you can see here.

In the announcement, Zen Studios’ Pinball DesignerPeter Grafl said, “The Heroes Within tables are tributes to some of the biggest heroes of Star Wars, and I am so excited we were able to give dedicated tables to our droid friends C-3PO and R2-D2. Han Solo is a pretty big deal as well, and with so many memorable moments, he has his own table as well!”

For more info on these or any of Zen’s Star Wars pinball tables, visit Zen’s website.

For previous coverage of Zen Studio’s Star Wars pinball games, you can read my review of Star Wars Pinball for the 3DS edition here, my review of Star Wars Pinball for the 360 and PS3 version here, my review of the Star Wars: Balance Of The Force tables here, and an interview with Ashley Eckstein, who does the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the Clone Wars table, here.


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