Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising Blu-ray, DVD Announced


Shout! Factory have announced that Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising will be released on DVD and in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on October 8.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising

The conclusion to the Transformers: Prime series, this 90-minute animated movie has, in the words on the press release, “A resurrected Unicron [taking] over the now-lifeless body of Megatron to seek vengeance on the Autobots and ultimately, the destruction of Cybertron.  This formidable enemy forces an unlikely alliance between the Autobots, Decepticons, Predaking, and two new Predacons, who come together in an epic battle to help protect their newly restored planet.”

No extras have been announced for either edition, though the release did say they are “in development” and that both would versions “contain insightful bonus content, taking viewers behind-the-scenes.”

The DVD  is currently available for preoder from Amazon for $12.99, while the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack is $14.99.



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