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Costume Quest: Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers Comic Announced

Oni Press and Double Fine have announced that Costume Quest: Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers — a comic book based on the Costume Quest games — will be released this October. Which, not coincidentally, happens to be when the second game, Costume Quest 2, is also coming out.

Costume Quest Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers cover

Costume Quest: Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers is being made by Zac Gorman, who does the video game comic Magic Game Time, and will be published by Oni as a “lush, deluxe, oversized hardcover.”

In the announcement, it says that “[Costume Quest:] Invasion Of The Candy Snatchers tells the story of Klem, a misunderstood misfit member of the menacing Grubbins from the first game. While his fellow Grubbins live to snatch trick-or-treaters from our world, Klem is an adorable outcast who only cares about one thing: CANDY! Will Klem be able to make his way amongst the Grubbins while staying true to his sugar-loving soul? There’s only one way to find out!”

For more on the comic, you can visit read this interview with Gorman on Comics, or you can visit Oni Press’ website or Double Fine’s website. The latter of which can also tell you more about Costume Quest 2.


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