Comic Book News: Ed Brubaker’s Velvet Announced

Image Comics have announced that Velvet, the new comic series by writer Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Fatale) will debut on October 23.

Velvet cover

Drawn by Steve Epting (New Avengers), who previously worked with Ed Brubaker on Captain AmericaVelvet is described in the announcement as being a dark espionage thriller about a woman, Velvet Templeton, who is the personal assistant to the Director of a secret intelligence agency. But when a top spy is killed, Velvet finds herself “caught in a web of mystery, as her own secret past comes to light.”

Along with the announcement and the above cover picture, Image also released the following images from the first issue.

Velvet page 1

Velvet page 2

Velvet page 3

Velvet page 4


In the announcement, Ed Brubaker said, “The thing I’m most excited about with Velvet is, she’s a woman with this incredibly dangerous history who’s been living a quiet life for a long time, and her current life and who she used to be are about to collide in a very explosive way. So she’s going to have to face a lot of things she’s been hiding from, and do things she barely remembers how to, and hope she’s still as good as she used to be.”

It also said that Steve Epting’s art was being influenced by the spy novels of the ’60s and ’70s, who said in it, “I’m a huge fan of the illustration art from that era and it was actually a big influence on my approach to the covers for Captain America. I’m hoping to bring even more of that sensibility to Velvet, especially considering the time in which the story is set.”

For more information about Velvet and their other comics, visit Image Comic’s website.



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