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Aggronautix Announces Mudhoney Throbblehead

Aggronautix have announced that they will release a numbered, limited edition Mudhoney Throbblehead of that band’s singer/guitarist Mark Arm in late Spring.

Aggronautix Mark Arm Mudhoney Throbblehead


The Throbblehead will be 7-inches tall, is limited to 1000 units, and comes in a box that features art by Marco Palumbo from England’s No Front Teeth Records (not to be confused, as hilarious as it may be, with Marco Palumbo, the Italian basketball player.

Aggronautix Mark Arm Mudhoney Throbblehead box


It will retail for $24.95, and can be pre-ordered through Aggronautix’s website here.

The Mark Arm Throbblehead joins Aggronautix’s previous Throbblehead, which include Keith Morris from The Circle Jerks and Black Flag, The Descendents’ Milo, and Mike Watt from the Minutemen.

For more on this or their other rock collectibles, visit Aggronautix’s website.



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