Exclusive Interview: Good Guys Author Steven Brust

To many fantasy fans, Steven Brust is best known as the writer of the fifteen deep Vlad Taltos series, which he kicked off in 1983 with Jhereg. But for the first time in twenty years, Brust is presenting a ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Gluttony Bay Author Matt Wallace

While many urban fantasy novels are centered around the local wizards and the magical creatures, most don’t concern themselves with the support staff, the working people who make life possible, let alone pleasurable, for the magical folk. But in his ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Graveyard Shift Author Michael F Haspil

Michael F Haspil Graveyard Shift

Given how they both have penchants for dark, smoky rooms and equally dour moods, it’s not surprising that people who enjoy urban fantasy novels would like noir one as well, and vice versa. It is in the intersection that we ...CONTINUE