Exclusive Interview: The Clockwork Dynasty Author Daniel H Wilson

Daniel H Wilson The Clockwork Dynasty

Given that he has a hard sci-fi writer best known for his robot revolt novels Robopocalypse and Robogenesis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Daniel H Wilson’s new novel has mechanical men rising up against their human overlords. But ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Guns Above Author Robyn Bennis

In these political times, it’s easy to read too much into things. It’s why, when quizzing writer Robyn Bennis about her debut novel — the steampunk adventure The Guns Above (hardcover, paperback, Kindle), which has the ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Fiendish Schemes Author K.W. Jeter

With his 1987s novel Infernal Devices, writer K.W. Jeter presented a unique and (ultimately) influential work of steampunk fiction. Now — after twenty-five years and as many other books — hes following it up with ...CONTINUE