Exclusive Interview: The Punch Escrow Author Tal M Klein

Tal M Klein The Punch Escrow

A few years ago, in the science section of The New York Times, a physicist explained that the transporters from Star Trek were technically impossible. But while this is an assertion that writer Tal M Klein agrees with, that ...CONTINUE

Interview: Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Long Mirage Author David R George III

David R George III Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Long Mirage

It was recently reported that while Paramount released both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, the same will never be said of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Which is a real bummer ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Star Trek The Next Generation Headlong Flight Author Dayton Ward

While the most recent Star Trek movies kind of, sort of, but not really rebooted the saga, the Trek novels have continued the timeline of the original series, the other shows, and the previous movies. Which is how we get ...CONTINUE

Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review

Given how so few director’s cuts are improvements, or all that different, and given how the second or third versions of movies of Blu-ray often don’t add anything you need, it’s understandable why you’d look at the Star Trek II ...CONTINUE