Exclusive Interview: Star Trek Discovery Drastic Measures Author Dayton Ward

With the inaugural season completed, and the second not set to air until the fall, fans of Star Trek Discovery might be wondering what to do with all their free time. Good thing the adventure is actually continuing (well, in ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Star Trek Discovery Desperate Hours Author David Mack

David Mack Star Trek Discovery Desperate Hours

To coincide with the launch of a new Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery, the good people at Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster who oversee the literary adventures of Kirk, Picard, and the rest have commissioned longtime Star Trek novelist ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Star Trek The Next Generation Headlong Flight Author Dayton Ward

While the most recent Star Trek movies kind of, sort of, but not really rebooted the saga, the Trek novels have continued the timeline of the original series, the other shows, and the previous movies. Which is how we get ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Star Trek: Foul Deeds Will Rise Writer Greg Cox & Star Trek: Section 31: Disavowed Author David Mack

Considering that it was only supposed to be a five year mission, it’s kind of amazing that Star Trek is still going strong more than forty-five years later. And not just in the movies. Pocket Book publishes more than a ...CONTINUE