Exclusive Interview: The Stars Are Legion Author Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley The Stars Are Legion

Lately it seems like every science fiction novel isn’t a self-contained story, but is instead part of a larger saga. But in trading emails with sci-fi writer Kameron Hurley about her novel The Stars Are Legion — which is newly ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Above The Timberline Author & Artist Gregory Manchess

There are graphic novels, and there are illustrated novels, and there are also novels that have some illustrations. But in his first novel Above The Timberline (hardcover, Kindle), writer and artist Gregory Manchess takes a different approach ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Shadow Sun Seven Author Spencer Ellsworth

Spencer Ellsworth Starfire A Red Peace Shadow Sun Seven Memorys Blade

With Shadow Sun Seven (paperback, Kindle), science fiction writer Spencer Ellsworth, continues the Starfire trilogy he began earlier this year with A Red Peace, and will conclude February 27th with Memory’s Blade. But in talking ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Communication Failure Author Joe Zieja

Joe Zieja The Epic Failure Trilogy Mechanical Failure Communication Failure

While science fiction and comedy work well together — see Futurama, et al. — the thing about funny science fiction novels is how the humor often takes a back seat to the sci-fi. Not in a bad way, mind ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Artemis Author Andy Weir

Three years after releasing The Martian — six if you count when he first self-published his debut novel about an astronaut who’s stranded on Mars — writer Andy Weir is taking another trip to outer space with his new novel, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Beyond The Empire Author KB Wagers

KB Wagers The Indranan War Behind The Throne After The Crown Beyond The Empire

With the release of Beyond The Empire (paperback, Kindle), sci-fi writer K.B. Wagers is bringing her The Indranan War trilogy to a close. But as she revealed in the following email interview about this novel, this book ...CONTINUE