Exclusive Interview: Transformation Author James Gunn

James Gunn Transgalactic Transcendental Transformation

How’s this for credentials: sci-fi writer James Gunn was inducted into the Science Fiction And Fantasy Hall Of Fame in 2015, made a Grand Master by The Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Of America in 2007, and won the Hugo ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Soleri Author Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston Soleri

In the fantasy realm, it seems like most novels are set in medieval Europe-esque place (J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings), savage times (Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories), or the modern era (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter). But ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Japanese Notebooks Author, Artist Igort

Though he’s been writing and drawing graphic novels for forty years, Italian author and artist Igort has only had a couple of his books published in the U.S. Which is a real shame because he’s clearly a unique talent, both ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Kangaroo Too Author Curtis C Chen

Curtis C Chen Waypoint Kangaroo Too Waypoint Kangaroo

007. Black Widow. Duchess. Secret agents always have the best nicknames. And Kangaroo, the hero of Curtis C Chen’s sci-fi spy novels, is no exception. Well, unless you don’t think marsupials can be sneaky bastards, that is. Though in talking ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Down Among The Sticks And Bones Author Seanan McGuire

While it sometimes seems like people are taking the “shared universe” concept a bit far — we’re looking at you, producers of the connected G.I. Joe, Micronauts, and M.A.S.K. movies — there are some who still understand how ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Slaves Of The Switchboard Of Doom Author Bradley W Schenck

When we think about flying cars, robot sidekicks, and heroes wearing bubble-like helmets, we typically think of the 1950s. But while all of those elements play a part in Bradley W. Schenck’s humorous new sci-fi novel Slaves Of The Switchboard ...CONTINUE