Exclusive Interview: Wonderland: Poems Author Matthew Dickman

Like a lot of people who write poetry, Matthew Dickman is influenced by other poets. Not the least of which his twin brother and fellow writer Michael. But in talking to him about his newest collection, Wonderland (hardcover, ...CONTINUE

Best Books Of 2017

Best Books Of 2017

For the last two years I’ve kept a log of all the good books I read, regardless of when they were originally published. You can read my 2015 list by clicking here, and 2016’s by clicking here.


Exclusive Interview: Earthling Author James Longenbach

Utter the word “earthling,” and you conjure images of aliens who want to be taken to our leader. Or, you think of the David Bowie album. But in talking to writer James Longenbach about his new poetry collection, Earthling ( ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Sun In Days: Poems Author Meghan O’Rourke

Back when I wrote poetry, I used it as therapy, as catharsis, writing about the things that bothered me in hopes that they wouldn’t be as much of a bother when I was done. It’s something that writer Meghan O’Rourke ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Crumb-sized Author Marlena Chertock

The best poetry comes when a writer is honest both with themselves and their audience, even if that truth isn’t easy to say or hear. It’s a credo shared by writer Marlena Chertock who, in talking about her second poetry ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Come Home, We Love You Still Author Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol Come Home, We Love You Still

In Minivan Poems, writer Justin Grimbol did indeed put together an entire book of poems about his minivan. But in his newest collection Come Home We Love You Still (paperback), Grimbol not only compiled a book of ...CONTINUE