Exclusive Interview: Deadbomb Bingo Ray Author Jeff Johnson

While many noir crime novels are centered on a detective or cop, some of the best have instead been about the bad guys. Bad being a relative term, of course. Following in the tradition of Richard Stark’s Parker novels, Jeff ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Killing Is My Business Author Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher Standard Hollywood Depravity Killing Is My Business

In 2015, when I interviewed writer Adam Christopher about what was then his new novel Made To Kill, he described that novel as “a hardboiled science fiction mystery, written in the style of Raymond Chandler.” Now he’s continuing the ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Graveyard Shift Author Michael F Haspil

Michael F Haspil Graveyard Shift

Given how they both have penchants for dark, smoky rooms and equally dour moods, it’s not surprising that people who enjoy urban fantasy novels would like noir one as well, and vice versa. It is in the intersection that we ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Last Train Author Michael Pronko

Michael Pronko The Last Train

While noir crime novels are a distinctly American art form, it’s one that’s practiced by writers all over the world. Sweden gave us Henning Mankell (Faceless Killers), Matz (The Killer Omnibus Volume 1) hails from France, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Third Squad Author V Sanjay Kumar

In his new crime novel The Third Squad (paperback, digital), writer V Sanjay Kumar introduces us to Karan, an autistic man who’s a member of an elite hit squad. But while this might make you think Kumar’s ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Painted Gun Author Bradley Spinelli

Bradley Spinelli The Painted Gun

One of the common traits among noir crime novels is that they’re quick reads. You can usually tear through one in a weekend, especially if The Simpsons are a rerun. But in talking to writer Bradley Spinelli about his noir ...CONTINUE