Exclusive Interview: The Rig Author Roger Levy

Roger Levy The Rig

In his new science fiction novel The Rig (paperback, Kindle), writer Roger Levy mixes a murder mystery, extreme sports, and social media. But in the following email interview, he also cites the real-life experience of being attacked ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Blackout Author Alex Segura

Alex Segura Pete Ferndandez Mystery Silent City Down The Darkest Street Dangerous Ends Blackout

In many mystery novels, the private investigator is already deep into their career. But in the books that comprise his Pete Fernandez Mystery Series — Bad Beat (which was co-written by Rob Hart), Silent City, Down The Darkest Street ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Dayfall Author Michael David Ares

Michael David Ares Dayfall

Not getting enough sunlight can have adverse effects on a person’s psyche. It’s something writer Michael David Ares explores — and takes to the extreme — in his new dystopian thriller Dayfall (hardcover, Kindle). Though in talking ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Deadbomb Bingo Ray Author Jeff Johnson

While many noir crime novels are centered on a detective or cop, some of the best have instead been about the bad guys. Bad being a relative term, of course. Following in the tradition of Richard Stark’s Parker novels, Jeff ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Killing Is My Business Author Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher Standard Hollywood Depravity Killing Is My Business

In 2015, when I interviewed writer Adam Christopher about what was then his new novel Made To Kill, he described that novel as “a hardboiled science fiction mystery, written in the style of Raymond Chandler.” Now he’s continuing the ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Graveyard Shift Author Michael F Haspil

Michael F Haspil Graveyard Shift

Given how they both have penchants for dark, smoky rooms and equally dour moods, it’s not surprising that people who enjoy urban fantasy novels would like noir one as well, and vice versa. It is in the intersection that we ...CONTINUE