Exclusive Interview: Let It Die Game Director Hideyuki Shin

The biggest stigma when it comes to free-to-play games is that they’re not as deep, involved, or as good as games you pay for. But while that perception has been slowly dissipating, it may be entirely obliterated when third-person action ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Between Worlds Author Skip Brittenham, Artist Brian Haberlin

When done right, a novel creates a vivid world that jumps off the pages. But in their fantasy novel Between Worlds (hardcover, digital), writer Skip Brittenham and artists Brian Haberlin, Jay Anacleto, and Doug Siros don’t just ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Mister Sam Shearon’s Creepy Christmas Writer, Illustrator Sam Shearon

Christmas is a time for love, joy, and happiness. Which is why it’s also a time for fans of the dark arts to indulge their macabre side in hopes of keeping the holiday cheer from sending them into a diabetic ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Alien Morning Author Rick Wilber

In novels about aliens making first contact with humanity, usually one of two things happen. First, the aliens enslave humanity, and we fight back. Or, the aliens become our friends and we still fight back because sometimes humans can be ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Becoming Unbecoming Author Una

Some of the best art comes from when we explore difficult subjects. It’s something I thought about a lot when editing the following interview with Una, the writer and artist of the graphic novel memoir Becoming Unbecoming (paperback, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Power-Up Author Chris Kohler

It may seem strange to people who grew up playing Call Of Duty sequels and Halo games, but there was a time when Japan dominated video games. But while they may have lost that prominent position, their influence is still ...CONTINUE