Exclusive Interview: Glass Town Author Steven Savile

Steven Savile Glass Town

It’s always irritating when an author is clearly inspired by the work of another writer, but refuses to admit it. Thankfully, that’s not the approach that writer Steve Savile took when he did the following email interview about his admittedly ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Gluttony Bay Author Matt Wallace

While many urban fantasy novels are centered around the local wizards and the magical creatures, most don’t concern themselves with the support staff, the working people who make life possible, let alone pleasurable, for the magical folk. But in his ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: A Small Charred Face Author Kazuki Sakuraba

Kazuki Sakuraba A Small Charred Face

While we’ve all read stories about a kid and their dog, there aren’t many that chronicle the special bond that only exists between a kid and their vampire. Well, except for Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. But while Kazuki ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack Author Nate Crowley

Nate Crowley The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack

In some zombie stories, the living try to use the undead as a workforce. Though usually just as protection, as an early warning system, or as an army. But in his new novel The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Mapping The Interior Author Stephen Graham Jones

The stereotype of college English professors who write books is that they only ever write academic tomes or equally intellectual fiction. But University of Colorado English professor Stephen Graham Jones is anything but typical, as his new novella Mapping The ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Devil Crept In Author Ania Ahlborn

In her previous novel, Brother, writer Ania Ahlborn was inspired by her, “…weird fascination with serial killers [and] extreme rural life,” while her book before that, Within These Walls, came out of her being, “…intrigued by cults.” But ...CONTINUE