Doom for Switch and Doom VFR Hands-On Previews

At an event last week in Los Angeles, Bethesda Softworks gave me and other game journalists the opportunity to try the version of 2016’s Doom that they’re bringing to the Nintendo Switch later this year, as well as the virtual ...CONTINUE

Blue Rider Review

Blue Rider

There’s something to be said for simplicity. It’s always true for bagels, often true for pizza, and sometimes true for video games. But sometimes not. Take the arcadey twin-stick shooter Blue Rider (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC). While it’s ...CONTINUE

Destiny 2 Single-Player Review

While it was clearly designed to be played with other people, the original Destiny worked just as well as a single-player game. In some ways better. But can the same can be said for Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4, ...CONTINUE

Knack 2 Review

Knack 2 Knack II

Like many games that come out when a new system launches, the original Knack was fun, and even a bit clever, though it was also rather shallow. But like so many sequels to games that came out when a new ...CONTINUE

Absolver Review


Set in a somewhat futuristic world that’s deeply rooted in the past — or at least old martial arts movies — Absolver (PlayStation 4, PC) is a third-person action-RPG that has you, as a masked warrior of your own design, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The GameDev Business Handbook Writer Michael Futter

Michael Futter The GameDev Business Handbook

It never fails: you mention that you work in video games, and people think it must be the most fun job in the world. But making games isn’t easy, and running a game development studio is even tougher. That said, ...CONTINUE