Exclusive Interview: Master Assassins Author Robert V.S. Redick

While he’s best known for the books in his Chathrand Voyage Quartet [The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Rats And The Ruling Sea, The River Of Shadows, and The Night Of The Swarm], fantasy writer Robert ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Song Of All Author Tina LeCount Myers

Tina LeCount Myers The Legacy Of The Heavens The Song Of All

For years, readers have debated which is better: science fiction or fantasy. It was even recently argued in the new (and good) short story collection, Robots Vs. Fairies. But in the following email interview with writer Tina LeCount Myers ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Blood Of The Four Authors Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon

Having previously collaborated on seven horror, urban fantasy, and YA novels, writers Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon are trying their hand at epic fantasy with Blood On The Four (hardcover, Kindle), a stand-alone high fantasy tale. But ...CONTINUE

A Wrinkle In Time Movie Review

If I was a girl between the age of 8 and 10, I would love A Wrinkle In Time, the live action adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic sci-fi fantasy novel of the same name. And if I was ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Good Guys Author Steven Brust

To many fantasy fans, Steven Brust is best known as the writer of the fifteen deep Vlad Taltos series, which he kicked off in 1983 with Jhereg. But for the first time in twenty years, Brust is presenting a ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Child Of A Mad God Author R.A. Salvatore

When it comes to an iconic fantasy writer like R.A. Salvatore, you might expect that his imagination is firing on all cylinders at all time, or that his ideas come from deep within his dreams. But in talking to him ...CONTINUE