Exclusive Interview: The Dinosaur Princess Author Victor Milan

Like every writer, Victor Milan — the author of the The Ballad Of Karyl’s Last Ride trilogy — has been influenced by other writers. But in doing the following email interview with Milan about the recently published third book in ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Lairdbalor Author Kathleen Kaufman

While a lot of great art has been born of tragedy, just the threat of danger can be a catalyst as well. Take Kathleen Kaufman’s new fantasy novel The Lairdbalor (hardcover, paperback, digital), which was inspired ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Black Tides Of Heaven and The Red Threads Of Fortune Author JY Yang

JY Yang The Black Tides Of Heaven The Red Threads Of Fortune

In the two novellas that begin JY Yang’s Tensorate SeriesThe Black Tides Of Heaven (paperback, digital) and The Red Threads Of Fortune (paperback, digital) — we’re introduced to twins named Mokoya and ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Alchemy Of Masques And Mirrors Author Curtis Craddock

Curtis Craddock The Alchemy Of Masques And Mirrors

Like any kind of fiction, the fantasy genre includes numerous sub-genres, including “urban fantasy,” “Grimdark,” and “fairy tales.” But with his new swashbuckling novel The Alchemy Of Masques And Mirrors (hardcover, digital), writer Curtis Craddock thinks he ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Wicked Like A Wildfire Author Lana Popovic

Lana Popovic Wicked Like A Wildfire

While Lana Popovic’s Wicked Like A Wildfire (hardcover, digital) may be found in the “young adult” section of your local bookstore, in talking to her about this new novel, the first of a two-part fantasy series, she ...CONTINUE