Exclusive Interview: Master Assassins Author Robert V.S. Redick

While he’s best known for the books in his Chathrand Voyage Quartet [The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Rats And The Ruling Sea, The River Of Shadows, and The Night Of The Swarm], fantasy writer Robert ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Song Of All Author Tina LeCount Myers

Tina LeCount Myers The Legacy Of The Heavens The Song Of All

For years, readers have debated which is better: science fiction or fantasy. It was even recently argued in the new (and good) short story collection, Robots Vs. Fairies. But in the following email interview with writer Tina LeCount Myers ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Black Tides Of Heaven and The Red Threads Of Fortune Author JY Yang

JY Yang The Black Tides Of Heaven The Red Threads Of Fortune

In the two novellas that begin JY Yang’s Tensorate SeriesThe Black Tides Of Heaven (paperback, digital) and The Red Threads Of Fortune (paperback, digital) — we’re introduced to twins named Mokoya and ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Soleri Author Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston Soleri

In the fantasy realm, it seems like most novels are set in medieval Europe-esque place (J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings), savage times (Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories), or the modern era (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter). But ...CONTINUE