Exclusive Interview: The Synapse Sequence Author Daniel Godfrey

Daniel Godfrey The Synapse Sequence

In his new novel The Synapse Sequence (paperback, Kindle), writer Daniel Godfrey envisions a world in which artificial intelligence is used to fight crime, while others think scanning memories may be a better way to go. But ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Robots Of Gotham Author Todd McAulty

In the following email interview, sci-fi writer Todd McAulty discusses The Robots Of Gotham (hardcover, Kindle), his unique spin on the “robot apocalypse” genre (and no, it’s not about a billionaire in a bat costume who runs ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Thousand Year Beach Author TOBI Hirotaka

TOBI Hirotaka The Thousand Year Beach

Sixteen years after it was originally released, TOBI Hirotaka’s 2002 sci-fi novel The Thousand Year Beach (paperback, Kindle) is finally being released in English by Haikasoru. In the following email interview — which was kindly translated by ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: A Demon In Silver Author R.S. Ford

In the following email interview, fantasy writer R.S. Ford — also known as fantasy writer Richard Ford [Herald Of The Storm, The Shattered Crown, Lord Of Ashes] — discusses A Demon In Silver (paperback, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Grey Bastards Author Jonathan French

Jonathan French The Grey Bastards

In many fantasy novels, the hero — or at least the main characters — are humans, or maybe human-adjacent creatures like hobbits. But in The Grey Bastards (hardcover, Kindle), writer Jonathan French centers the first book in ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Completionist Author Siobhan Adcock

Siobhan Adcock The Completionist

While the current political climate has been both good and bad for women (and the men who support them), it’s been oddly great for fans of female-centric science fiction (and the people who write it). Which is where we find ...CONTINUE