Exclusive Interview: Owl And The Electric Samurai Author Kristi Charish

As an adventurous archeologist, the character Owl in Kristi Charish’s novels Owl And The Japanese Circus and Owl And The City Of Angels has often been referred to as “Indiana Jane.” But in talking to Charish and the newest Owl ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Life Would Suck Without You Writer Jennifer Preuss

Jennifer Preuss Life Would Suck Without You

My friends Rob, Steve, Jeff, and Prabu have known each other since 1981, and man, the stories we could tell you. We won’t, but if we could, oh man. But we’re not the only ones. In her new memoir, Life ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Eagle And Empire Author Alan Smale

Alan Smale Clash Of Eagles Eagle In Exile Eagle And Empire

Two years after beginning the saga he started with 2015’s Clash Of Eagles, writer Alan Smale has brought his alternate history trilogy to a close with Eagle And Empire (hardcover, digital, audiobook). But while some ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Peck – A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under Author Remi Nicole

Peck A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under Remi Nicole

It stands to reason that if someone writes a book for kids, they probably have a kid themselves. Which is the case with writer Remi Nicole, the author of the new children’s’ book Peck – A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Killing Gravity Author Corey J White

As one of the most interesting sci-fi novels of the last few years, Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice — and its sequels Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy — have undoubtedly inspired other authors in a variety of ways. But perhaps none ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: City Of Miracles Author Robert Jackson Bennett

Robert Jackson Bennett City Of Miracles City Of Blades City Of Stairs

When it comes to fantasy novels, most writers will tell you their biggest influences are other fantasy writers: J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, etc. But in talking about City Of Miracles (paperback, digital, audiobook), the third ...CONTINUE