Exclusive Interview: The Spy’s Gamble Author Howard Kaplan

Four years ago, when I interviewed political espionage writer Howard Kaplan for the first time, it was because his first novel, The Damascus Cover, was being rereleased after forty years to coincide with the news that a movie version ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Death Doesn’t Bargain Author Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon Death Doesn't Bargain

With her new novel Death Doesn’t Bargain (hardcover, Kindle), writer Sherrilyn Kenyon is giving fans the middle chapter of a trilogy she began with Deadman Walking, and plans to end this time next year with At ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Journey Through Genocide Writer Raffy Boudjikanian

Journey Through Genocide Stories Of Survivors And The Dead

More than a million children have been killed, raped, displaced, or otherwise harmed during the geocide in Darfur. In 100 days, the genocide in Rwanda claimed between half-a-million and a million lives. And it is estimated that 1.5 million died ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Ascendant Author Jack Campbell

With his new sci-fi novel Ascendant (hardcover, Kindle), writer Jack Campbell is continuing the prequel trilogy to a series that he’s already spun off of twice. Or something. Which is why, in the following email interview, I ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Soldier Author Neal Asher

Like fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore and other authors, sci-fi writer Neal Asher has set many of his novels in the same fictional universe, one that encompasses the Splatterjay trilogy [The Skinner, The Voyage Of The Sable Keech, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: By Fire Above Author Robyn Bennis

In The Guns Above, the exciting first book in her ongoing Signal Airship series, writer Robyn Bennis not only brought some Master & Commander-esque sensibilities to the steampunk genre, but she did so with a masterful commander who ...CONTINUE