Exclusive Interview: Before Mars Author Emma Newman

Emma Newman Planetfall After Atlas Before Mars

With Before Mars (paperback, Kindle), science fiction writer Emma Newman is continuing to explore the fictional universe she created with 2015’s Planetfall and continued a year later with After Atlas. But in the following email interview, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Lacking Character Author Curtis White

Writer Curtis White’s fiction has been called experimental and avant-garde. But in the following email interview about his new novel Lacking Character (paperback, Kindle), he asserts that maybe it’s not that he’s too weird but that some ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Serpent In The Heather Author Kay Kenyon

Kay Kenton The Dark Talents At The Table Of Wolves Serpent In The Heather

In a lot of World War II alternate history novels (and comics, and games…) the Nazi’s rumored interest in the occult plays a big part. But in Serpent In The Heather (hardcover, Kindle), the second book of ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Wonderblood Author Julia Whicker

Julia Whicker Wonderblood

At a time when believing in science is practically a radical act, it’s interesting to contemplate a world where such knowledge is blasphemous to some but a religion for others. Such is the setting for Julia Whicker’s post-apocalyptic fantasy novel ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Glimpse Author Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry Glimpse

In his new novel Glimpse (hardcover, Kindle), writer Jonathan Maberry explores what it would be like to see through someone else’s glasses. But while most writers would use this as a heavy-handed opportunity to tell a story ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Master Assassins Author Robert V.S. Redick

While he’s best known for the books in his Chathrand Voyage Quartet [The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Rats And The Ruling Sea, The River Of Shadows, and The Night Of The Swarm], fantasy writer Robert ...CONTINUE