Exclusive Interview: Gone To Dust Author Matt Goldman

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who’ve broken the bag from a vacuum cleaner and gotten dirt everywhere, and those who live in fear of doing just that. But while a certain someone in Matt Goldman’s ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: How To Behave In A Crowd Author Camille Bordas

Camille Bordas How To Behave In A Crowd

Writer Camille Bordas first caught my attention when I read her impressive short story “Most Die Young” in the January 2, 2017 issue of The New Yorker. But in talking to her about her new novel, How ...CONTINUE

The Blindspot The Complete Second Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

Blindspot The Complete Second Season Blu-ray DVD

Like The Blacklist, Designated Survivor, and The Last Ship, the TV show Blindspot is a ridiculous, unrealistic, and over-the-top action show that’s like a weekly version of a big dumb action movie. Which is what makes it ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack Author Nate Crowley

Nate Crowley The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack

In some zombie stories, the living try to use the undead as a workforce. Though usually just as protection, as an early warning system, or as an army. But in his new novel The Death And Life Of Schneider Wrack ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Dark Sky Author Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks Dark Run Dark Sky Dark Deeds

One of my favorite novels from 2016 was Mike Brooks’ sci-fi novel Dark Run. With the sequel, Dark Sky (paperback, digital), now out in the U.S., and a third installment, Dark Deeds (paperback, digital ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: An Oath Of Dogs Author Wendy N Wagner

Wendy N Wagner An Oath Of Dogs

When George Lucas was writing the first Star Wars movie, he based the character of Chewbacca on his dog, who would sit in the passenger seat of Lucas’ car whenever they’d drive somewhere. But Jorge isn’t the first to incorporate ...CONTINUE