Exclusive Interview: Communication Failure Author Joe Zieja

Joe Zieja The Epic Failure Trilogy Mechanical Failure Communication Failure

While science fiction and comedy work well together — see Futurama, et al. — the thing about funny science fiction novels is how the humor often takes a back seat to the sci-fi. Not in a bad way, mind ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Author Matthew Rosenberg

We always like to talk about the innocence of children. But in the new graphic novel 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank (paperback, Kindle) by writer Matthew Rosenberg (Kingpin: Born Against) and artist Tyler Boss, ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Creatures Of Will And Temper Author Molly Tanzer

Molly Tanzer Creatures Of Will And Temper

It’s a risky proposition to change something about a famous character, especially when it’s something fundamental like their gender. Just ask the people behind the new Ghostbusters or anyone working on the new season of Doctor Who. But risk ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Nine Author Tracy Townsend

Tracy Townsend The Nine Thieves Of Fate Book One

Given that she has a Master’s degree in Writing & Rhetoric, a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and now teaches creative writing and science fiction & fantasy literature at the public school where she served as the chair of the ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Body Music Writer And Artist Julie Maroh

In her first graphic novel, Blue Is The Warmest Color (Le Bleu Est une Couleur Chaude), writer and artist Julie Maroh told a coming-of-age love story about two women that took place over the course of a fourteen-year ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Beyond The Empire Author KB Wagers

KB Wagers The Indranan War Behind The Throne After The Crown Beyond The Empire

With the release of Beyond The Empire (paperback, Kindle), sci-fi writer K.B. Wagers is bringing her The Indranan War trilogy to a close. But as she revealed in the following email interview about this novel, this book ...CONTINUE