Exclusive Interview: The Freeze-Frame Revolution Author Peter Watts

Peter Watts The Freeze-Frame Revolution

Science fiction author Peter Watts is a warm and caring person. I know this because while most writers don’t give a second thought to the people who built the stargates their characters use to travel the galaxy, Watts is showing ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Book Of M Author Peng Shepherd

Peng Shepherd The Book Of M

When we consider novels about the apocalypse, we usually think of science fiction or dystopian sci-fi. But while those genres are applicable to Peng Shepherd’s debut novel, The Book Of M (hardcover, Kindle), in the following email ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Spy’s Gamble Author Howard Kaplan

Four years ago, when I interviewed political espionage writer Howard Kaplan for the first time, it was because his first novel, The Damascus Cover, was being rereleased after forty years to coincide with the news that a movie version ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: A Theory Of Bastards Author Audrey Schulman

Audrey Schulman A Theory Of Bastards

In her new novel A Theory Of Bastards (paperback, Kindle), writer Audrey Schulman takes us to the not-so-distant future, where a group of scientists and some bonobo monkeys who were previously working together on a science project, ...CONTINUE

South Park: The Complete Twenty-First Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

Having done two seasons in which one episode led to the next until the entire season was one long albeit loose story, the masterminds behind South Park decided to take a step back with their twenty-first season by having its ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Outbreak Author Melissa F. Olson

Melissa F Olson Nightshades Switchback Outbreak

With her new novella Outbreak (paperback, Kindle), writer Melissa F. Olson is concluding the Nightshades trilogy she started with the titular tome in 2016 and continued the following year with Switchback. But in talking to her ...CONTINUE