Titanfall 2 Single-Player Mode Review

Titanfall™ 2_20161026213104

Like Star Wars Battlefront, Evolve, and Rainbow Six Siege, the original Titanfall was a multiplayer game that kind of had a campaign. While it had a story mode, it was really just a loosely connected string of ...CONTINUE

Funko Announce Assassin’s Creed Movie POP! Toys


Funko have announced that they’ll be releasing a series of POP! toys based on characters from the upcoming video game-inspired movie Assassin’s Creed this December. ...CONTINUE

Battlefield 1 Single-Player Review


Since kicking it off with 2002’s Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield series has mostly been known for its online multiplayer modes. And while that’s still the case with the new Battlefield 1 (Xbox One, Xbox One Early Enlister ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Power-Up Author Chris Kohler


It may seem strange to people who grew up playing Call Of Duty sequels and Halo games, but there was a time when Japan dominated video games. But while they may have lost that prominent position, their influence is still ...CONTINUE

Funko Announce & Release Gears Of War POP! And Mystery Minis Toys


Funko have announced that they’ll be releasing a series of POP! toys and Mystery Minis for characters from the Gears Of War games, including the new Gears Of War 4, and that the toys will be out…NOW! ...CONTINUE