Exclusive Interview: Children Of The New World Author Alexander Weinstein


With some exceptions, short story collections are usually just a series of unconnected tales. And even when they do have a connection, it’s usually based on some narrative device (all the stories were written by God) or based by where ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Between Worlds Author Skip Brittenham, Artist Brian Haberlin


When done right, a novel creates a vivid world that jumps off the pages. But in their fantasy novel Between Worlds (hardcover, digital), writer Skip Brittenham and artists Brian Haberlin, Jay Anacleto, and Doug Siros don’t just ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Mister Sam Shearon’s Creepy Christmas Writer, Illustrator Sam Shearon


Christmas is a time for love, joy, and happiness. Which is why it’s also a time for fans of the dark arts to indulge their macabre side in hopes of keeping the holiday cheer from sending them into a diabetic ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Elephants In My Backyard Author Rajiv Surendra


According to cliché, you’re not supposed to count your chickens before they hatch. It’s something someone should’ve told actor Rajiv Surendra (Mean Girls), who so identified with the lead character in Yann Martel’s novel Life Of Pi that ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Dumbest Kid In Gifted Class Author Dan Ryckert


One of the ironies of our social media-obsessed/broadcast everything culture is that most people actually lead rather dull lives. “Birth, School, Work, Death” as The Godfathers used to sing. But that’s not true for Dan Ryckert, a game journalist for ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Alien Morning Author Rick Wilber


In novels about aliens making first contact with humanity, usually one of two things happen. First, the aliens enslave humanity, and we fight back. Or, the aliens become our friends and we still fight back because sometimes humans can be ...CONTINUE