The Walking Dead The Complete Seventh Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

The Walking Dead The Complete Seventh Season Blu-ray DVD Review

Like most serial dramas, the zombie survival show The Walking Dead has had its good seasons and its bad. But one thing that’s been constant is that the show’s seasonal Blu-rays and DVDs have presented the show as was meant ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Massacre Of Mankind Author Stephen Baxter

Stephen Baxter The War Of The Worlds The Massacre Of Mankind

Since its publication in 1898, H.G. Wells’ classic alien invasion novel The War Of The Worlds has inspired countless adaptations, homages, and imitations…but never a continuation. Well, not an official one, that is. But with the blessing of The H.G. ...CONTINUE

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

After eight years of telling everyone who works on the Uncharted games that they should make one about Chloe Frazer — the feisty treasure hunter who was the highlight of both Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Wicked Like A Wildfire Author Lana Popovic

Lana Popovic Wicked Like A Wildfire

While Lana Popovic’s Wicked Like A Wildfire (hardcover, digital) may be found in the “young adult” section of your local bookstore, in talking to her about this new novel, the first of a two-part fantasy series, she ...CONTINUE

Agents Of Mayhem Review

When the original Saints Row was released in 2006, it was just another bad Grand Theft Auto clone. It wasn’t until they went for a sillier approach with Saints Row The Third that this series really came into its own. ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion Author Margaret Killjoy

When promoting a novel, publishers sometimes describe them in ways that don’t align with how the author sees their story. But while writer Margaret Killjoy fully embraces how Tor called her new novella The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion ( ...CONTINUE