Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

It would be easy to spend a thousand words talking about the technical achievement that is Avengers Infinity War. How it makes such a massive cast all fit without sacrificing any of them; how it’s the culmination of everything ...CONTINUE

Liquid Sky Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

1982’s Liquid Sky is one of those odd ’80s cult movies that not many remember, even fewer remember fondly, but is reveried among those who do. But it is for those latter people that the new Liquid Sky Blu-ray/DVD combo ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Burn Author James Patrick Kelly

James Patrick Kelly Burn The Promise Of Space

Thirteen years after being released in print, James Patrick Kelly’s sci-fi novel Burn will finally be legally available as an eBook. In honor of this, I traded emails with him about this new edition, as well as about ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Gods, Monsters, And The Lucky Peach Author Kelly Robson

With a title like Gods, Monsters, And The Lucky Peach, and a cover that depicts a woman with cybernetic octopus-like tentacles for legs, you’d expect Kelly Robson’s time travelling sci-fi novella — which is now out in paperback and ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Best Science Fiction Of The Year, Volume 3 Editor Neil Clarke

I’ve long thought the best way to discover new writers is through anthologies. It is thanks to the poetry collection Please Excuse This Poem: 100 New Poets For The Next Generation, for instance, that I now know about Kate ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: L.A. Man Writer Joe Donnelly

And now for something completely nepotistic. I first met Joe Donnelly when he came to work at Raygun Publishing, the Santa Monica-based magazine company where I worked in the mid- to late-’90s. In the years since, Joe has worked at ...CONTINUE