Exclusive Interview: Transformation Author James Gunn

James Gunn Transgalactic Transcendental Transformation

How’s this for credentials: sci-fi writer James Gunn was inducted into the Science Fiction And Fantasy Hall Of Fame in 2015, made a Grand Master by The Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Of America in 2007, and won the Hugo ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Soleri Author Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston Soleri

In the fantasy realm, it seems like most novels are set in medieval Europe-esque place (J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings), savage times (Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories), or the modern era (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter). But ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Japanese Notebooks Author, Artist Igort

Though he’s been writing and drawing graphic novels for forty years, Italian author and artist Igort has only had a couple of his books published in the U.S. Which is a real shame because he’s clearly a unique talent, both ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Kangaroo Too Author Curtis C Chen

Curtis C Chen Waypoint Kangaroo Too Waypoint Kangaroo

007. Black Widow. Duchess. Secret agents always have the best nicknames. And Kangaroo, the hero of Curtis C Chen’s sci-fi spy novels, is no exception. Well, unless you don’t think marsupials can be sneaky bastards, that is. Though in talking ...CONTINUE

South Park The Complete Twentieth Season Blu-ray, DVD Review

These days, the only reason to buy a TV show on Blu-ray or DVD is if you’re old school (like me) or you like the extras. So I have some good news, and some bad news, for fans of South ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Mapping The Interior Author Stephen Graham Jones

The stereotype of college English professors who write books is that they only ever write academic tomes or equally intellectual fiction. But University of Colorado English professor Stephen Graham Jones is anything but typical, as his new novella Mapping The ...CONTINUE