Exclusive Interview Null States Author Malka Older

Malka Older Null States Infomocracy The Centenal Cycle

Science fiction stories have a long history of injecting politics into their plots. The latest example of this is Malka Older’s new novel Null States (hardcover, digital), the second book in her Centenal Cycle after 2016’s Infomocracy ...CONTINUE

Wonder Woman Blu-ray, DVD Review

Wonder Woman Blu-ray DVD

While I may not have enjoyed it as much as most people, there’s no denying that the superhero movie Wonder Woman struck a chord with fans of both the comics and the character, as well as people who just like ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Sun In Days: Poems Author Meghan O’Rourke

Back when I wrote poetry, I used it as therapy, as catharsis, writing about the things that bothered me in hopes that they wouldn’t be as much of a bother when I was done. It’s something that writer Meghan O’Rourke ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Crumb-sized Author Marlena Chertock

The best poetry comes when a writer is honest both with themselves and their audience, even if that truth isn’t easy to say or hear. It’s a credo shared by writer Marlena Chertock who, in talking about her second poetry ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: Warcross Author Marie Lu

In her Legend trilogy — which included the novels Legend, Prodigy, and Champion — writer Marie Lu imagined a dystopian future in which, among other things, “Antarctica is home to a completely gamified society.” And while she went ...CONTINUE

Exclusive Interview: The Black Tides Of Heaven and The Red Threads Of Fortune Author JY Yang

JY Yang The Black Tides Of Heaven The Red Threads Of Fortune

In the two novellas that begin JY Yang’s Tensorate SeriesThe Black Tides Of Heaven (paperback, digital) and The Red Threads Of Fortune (paperback, digital) — we’re introduced to twins named Mokoya and ...CONTINUE